Foster Anonymous

Sponsor Welcome Event

Foster Anonymous is a brand new program. We are looking for Sponsors to help sponsor and mentor the foster members. If you are from A.A., NA, C.A., CoDA, Al-Anon/Alateen, or any of the approved 12-Step programs and have gone through the 12-Steps, we are in need of your service. We know we can count on the fellowships. They have always come through for us!

Foster Anonymous has been granted permission to use the 12-Steps. We are extremely grateful to the sponsors of all 12-Step programs. Your service work is deeply appreciated. What you do here will affect the lives of fosters and their future. F.A. Sponsors are uniquely qualified to be of service, because of their similar journey to fosters. They bring their experience, strength and hope to the Foster Care Community.


We share our experience, strength, and hope


6:30 - 7:30PM

15 May 2024


Please post at local 12-Step Meetings

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