We have developed the Foster Anonymous program for anyone who suffers behavioral problems due to childhood tragedies, abandonment, and loss. All are welcome who have suffered these losses. We use the tools of the 12-Step program. These tools have recovered millions of people around the world. Since we are the first to apply this program to fosters, we will be the ones to pave the way for members of the F.A. Program. This site and the program are here to create diverse opportunities for kids growing up and young adults trying to survive in the real world. As we grow, our program will reach around the globe. When many kids and young adults are gathered for the same goal, they become very powerful and effective. You will find that when one foster helps another out of tragedy, they develop a bond as strong as any family. As we grow in size and resources, we aim to create opportunities for school (such as tutors and scholarships), jobs, roommates, places to live, activities, events, etc. Many wonderful things can come from having a family and network of this size. There is no need to be alone anymore.



The F.A. program uses a 12-Step book that is designed to remove disruptive behaviors. The program incorporates a book, workbook, sponsorship, and meetings. The 12-Step book has been condensed and modernized for both young and old. The workbook is designed to go into depth and the details of your life. The sponsor has already gone through the steps and is skilled at 12-Step recovery. You will be attending meetings regularly on-line and in person. You will find a companionship with all those recovering. These meetings will be available whenever you need them. Whether you are sad, lonely, lost, angry or depressed, you will be able to find a meeting online and another F.A. friend. Imagine having a thousand friends just like you that you can call upon when you need somebody to talk to. The program will allow you to go to meetings and socialize with others from all over the globe. Open your mind to this program being created just for you. It is designed for you to take your life back and to share it with others. This program can allow a life of independence and hope for a brand-new future.


No Foster Left Behind…


The information presented is an opinion and does not constitute any mental health or medical advice. The content of this website and the F.A. Program is for informational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any condition or disease. Please seek advice from your healthcare professional for your personal health concerns prior to taking advice from this website or the F.A. Program.