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The purpose of the 12-Steps for the Foster Community is to recover from compulsive, out-of-control behaviors and establish manageability in their life. It is meant to build a family of recovery of fosters who meet regularly to support each other and share recovery and strength from one foster to another foster. This family bond will develop out of the depths of tragedy to form a unity with love and understanding among its members.

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The Foster Anonymous book is part of our 12-Step Program for the Foster Care Community. The 12-Steps have brought recovery to millions of people. If you are one of the many fosters that are looking to take your life back, and you feel you can be honest, open-minded, and willing, then it is time to take action. This is not a book just to be read. The book along with the workbook, sponsorship, virtual and in-person meetings make up a complete program of recovery. This program is for any foster who have suffered from tragic childhood experiences. This is the 1st edition of Foster Anonymous. The principles have been condensed, and the language has been modernized. The 2nd edition of the book will include personal stories and grow with the success of the program. If you are tired of people running your life and your behaviors are holding you back, it is time to join F.A. This program will be the first day of the rest of your life.


“Affording, receiving, or sharing nurture or parental care though not related by blood or legal relationship.”

By definition, anyone can be considered a Foster in the F.A. Program. Everyone is welcome!

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About Foster Anonymous

The founders of this program have 30 years’ experience in 12-Step recovery and sponsorship. Foster Anonymous started when Big Papa was going through the adoption process and doing his research on fosters. Big Papa has recovered through the 12-Steps. He realized the fosters’ behaviors were the same as all other 12-Step programs. 12-Step programs have been successful in over 180 countries and 100 different languages. Big Papa felt confident that these same principles from the 12-Steps would work for the fosters. Before Foster Anonymous was founded, no one had attempted to apply the 12-Steps to help fosters recover from traumatic situations in their lives. If we have the same success as they do, it will revolutionize the foster care system. Big Papa looks at the newcomers to F.A. as pioneers of the program. Our hopes and prayers are to create the largest recovering forever family. As we grow in understanding and effectiveness as a family, we will watch our fellow fosters grow in recovery around us. This is an experience you must not miss. Big Papa will be looking for you on the happy road to recovery.

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Our services aim to support your journey from beginning to end along the road to recovery.


12-Step F.A. Program


Many people who have suffered from unmanageable behaviors have recovered from this program. 12-Step Programs have been accredited by doctors, counselors, therapists, and spiritual advisors around the world. We are excited to bring this 12-Step Program to the Foster Care Community.

On-line Meetings

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Due to new technology we are able to reach as many fosters as we need to through phone, tablet, laptop or computer. You will be able to attend a meeting anytime of day. These meetings will become part of your recovery, and you will meet other recovering fosters from all around.

In-Person Meetings

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In-person meetings are crucial to recovery. It is where you are able to meet face-to-face with other fosters and connect in person locally with your F.A. family.


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Sponsorship is a one-on-one relationship where a skilled mentor helps guide you through the 12-Step process.

F.A. Services

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F.A. Services are offered to Members and will continue to grow as the F.A. community expands. New ideas are always welcome.


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The F.A. program includes the Foster Anonymous book (in paperback or e-book) and the F.A. Workbook. The books along with your sponsor will guide you through the 12-Step process.

Events & Activities

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As we grow in recovery and friendship, the community that we bond with will also learn how to have fun and enjoy activities with each other.


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Foster Anonymous is a non-profit organization. There are no dues. We operate on donations. Most fosters have no means, and the donations go towards food, shelter, clothing, books, meetings, and recovery. Donations are used to help the fosters recover and gain their independence back into society.


“Our vision is to create a family amongst fosters, adopted fosters, aged out fosters, and anyone that has suffered tragedy in life. Our hopes are that all who belong to F.A. recover and regain their independence, but always remain forever in the F.A. family to help those who are still recovering.”

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The information presented is an opinion and does not constitute any mental health or medical advice. The content of this website and the F.A. Program is for informational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any condition or disease. Please seek advice from your healthcare professional for your personal health concerns prior to taking advice from this website or the F.A. Program.