The F.A. community provides us a host of new F.A. family members that share our experiences. The F.A. Family welcomes you whether you are adopted, still in foster care, aged-out of foster care, have been sent back to your birth parents, or maybe you suffer from traumas that interfere with your life. This is what the F.A. program and the 12-Steps is designed to help. You will find that when you work on your recovery with one foster to another, you form a bond. This happens in all 12-Step programs. It is as powerful as any family. Once you discover this unique experience, you will find you never have to be alone or afraid again. No matter where you go or what you do, you will always be tied and connected to your F.A. family.


We have found that we are able to love our new F.A. family, our birth family, and our adoptive family. The love we have for all makes us stronger. Our newfound family provides us with life-long support.

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