Foster Anonymous is a non-profit organization that relies on donations to help the Fosters who are in need. Make a one-time or recurring donation.Donations make it possible for us to provide support and services to F.A. members. Thank you for your support!

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All donations are greatly appreciated!
  • USD$: 5

  • USD$: 10

  • USD$: 15


Donations go towards administration and expenses to support the Fosters:

Use Of Funds Cost Per Foster
Books $ 15.00
Meetings $ 60.00 per month
Foods $ 250.00 per month
Shelter $ 500.00 per month

The fosters need our support and intervention to help them before they age-out at 18. Through no fault of their own, they are ill-equipped to handle society and deal with life on their own. They lack the skills and education to hold a job. They become prey to the streets, drugs and alcohol, homelessness, crime, prostitution, and incarceration. We must act to prepare these fosters to recover from their behaviors, which are the root of their problems. With the F.A. 12-Step program, we hope to build a forever family and help them recover from their behaviors by providing them support groups and the tools necessary to live happy and productive lives. These are all our children. We must make every effort to stop the cycle of trauma and loss. For if we don’t, this is what they have to look forward to. Within 2 years without supportive relationships, youths who leave foster care often struggle with homelessness, legal issues and poverty. 6 out of 10 will be homeless, incarcerated, or dead.


  • 50% abuse drugs or alcohol


  • 25% do not graduate high school
  • 97% do not go to college or higher education


  • By the age of 25, most are unemployed


  • 1/3 are incarcerated at one point or another


  • 4 times more likely to commit suicide

Phones for Fosters

Please donate a new or used mobile device in working condition so that a Foster can use it to participate in on-line meetings.

Email us at for information on where to send the device. We will send you a charitable contribution receipt upon receiving the device.


Cars for Fosters

Do you remember your first car and the independence that you had once you got it? It allowed you the freedom to go to work, see your friends, go to church, and play sports. In the big city, having a car is mandatory. Fosters will likely never have the opportunity to have a car.

Not all of us can make a vocation out of helping Fosters day-to-day. A donation of a car can really aid a foster to expand their world and give them their independence. It will give them the same freedom that you had when you received your first car. You will always know you made a change in a Foster’s life who never would have been able to do this without your kindness.

It’s frustrating to donate money and it doesn't change the problem. The 12-Step program has been changing these types of behaviors for many years. We believe by applying them to the Foster Care Community, we can see the same changes that other 12-Step programs have seen in their lives. With your help, our hopes and prayers are to change these statistics together. We need to bring the older fosters into recovery and give the younger fosters the tools not to have to suffer the same fate. Please join us in helping in any way you can whether it is volunteering, a cash donation, or if you have the means, a car!

  • Donations are tax deductible
  • Please only donate cars in good working condition

Donate Your Car

Donations Disclosure

All donations shall be passed on to Fosters in need and shall be determined by the Foster Anonymous Board of Directors with disclosure. The criteria will be based on the Fosters with the most need or come on a first come first serve basis. Donations come from the charity of others and are out of our control. We cannot guarantee that we will receive any donations. Also, we hope to create an emergency fund so that those in need can be helped immediately. Because we are new, we don’t know what the administration costs are to manage the funds, but they will be disclosed, and our primary purpose is to the Fosters. We see car donations as a tremendous need for the Fosters. All car donations shall be disclosed as to condition, costs, transfer, storage, and advertising, which shall be run by a committee answering to the Board. We make no guarantees that anyone will donate a car, but we have seen other programs succeed with it. Any cars that are deemed unsafe or not reliable shall be sold to a 3rd party with all proceeds disclosed and applied into the donation fund. We believe it is a necessity for the Fosters to have transportation. It is very difficult to get around in the cities without one. Each foster who will be eligible for a donated car:

  1. 1) Has completed the F.A. 12-Step process with a F.A. Sponsor who has also completed the 12-Steps
  2. 2) Has a valid driver's license
  3. 3) Has the financial means to maintain the car
  4. 4) Obtains car insurance
All details are subject to change with disclosure.

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